Connected Schedule Options

  • Days Type:
    • Allowed: This means the schedule will spread watering out between the available days but will not necessarily water on all of the days. The days that are watered will depend on how much water is required for the week based on climate adjust and sensor values, and the “depth of watering” value (which is set by each zone)
    • Always: This means the schedule will always water on the selected days
  • Sensor Modes:
    • Adaptive: Adaptive changes the watering time based on values and adjusts the days that will be watered dynamically to fit within the days you have assigned. The moisture % is checked at the time the schedule starts and adjusts the total weekly duration up or down depending on the moisture. Since it’s weekly, the time changes are dampened a bit.
      • If days is set to Always, the watering duration for the day is calculated from the weekly duration divided by the number of days.
      • If days is set to Allowed, since the total time for the week changes, it could change the # of days per week watered (based on the “depth of watering” value). Also, if moisture % is below setpoint, it will always water on that day.
    • Delay: Waters on any available day when moisture is below the threshold value. The amount of time watered does not change based on the moisture level. In this mode, the sensor acts as a go/no-go signal.
    • NOTE: If a sensor fails to report data for more than 7 days, it will be ignored in both Adaptive and Delay modes. In Adaptive mode, minimum adjustments (either + or -) will be applied when the most recent reading for a sensor is between 3 and 7 days old.
  • Base Duration: The target watering time per week.
  • Depth of Watering value: Spruce will attempt to water this duration every time it waters. The number of days/week is determined by the base duration divided by the Depth of Watering value. If the total watering needs change (either by user setting, or by climate adjust, meaning, as the seasons change), it will still water this amount, but for more or less days per week.

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