Controller not connecting to the network

Note: To make sure the Controller is in a properly initialized state, power cycle between each connection attempt (disconnect the power, leave off for a few seconds, then reconnect the power).

The “Verify” step is a key step in the connect process. During this process, the app communicates to the controller and exchanges some setup information.

If the controller cannot be verified, and you have confirmed that your computer, phone, or tablet is connected to the internet, the Wi-Fi password may have been entered incorrectly.  Re-start the connect procedure from the Devices page by clicking the blue +, then select Spruce Controller.

  • You may need to hold down the 2 arrow keys on the controller until it starts blinking blue.
  • The controller only connects to 2.4GHz, not 5GHz. Some newer routers have both – only the 2.4GHz will show up in the network list.

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