Does Spruce Gen 2 connect to SmartThings?

Spruce Controller

The Gen 2 Spruce Controller requires a device handler update in order to connect to SmartThings. The publication for the device handler is still in the SmartThings queue as of 1/2/2018.

Please note the following regarding SmartThings connectivity:

  • The web app: Connecting the Spruce Controller to SmartThings will limit connectivity to the web app.  When set up this way, the following applies:
    • The Gen2 controller can use any of the SmartThings integrations that apply to the Gen1 controller
    • Sensors that are connected to the SmartThings network (not to the Spruce Controller network) will not report data to the Spruce webapp.
      • The sensors might have greater range depending on the devices in your SmartThings network
    • Users that wish to use schedules with sensor integration must use the SmartThings Spruce Scheduler Smartapp, which is the same scheduler used for the Gen 1 controller.
      • Contact delays can be used through SmartThings
      • The SmartThings Spruce Scheduler SmartApp uses WeatherUnderground weather stations and can be assigned to a personal weather station
    • If the Gen 2 controller is concurrently connected to Wi-Fi:
      • Basic and Manual schedules can be set and run from the Spruce app
      • Zones can be turned on from either SmartThings or the Spruce app

Spruce Sensor

The updated device handler (required for connectivity to SmartThings) has been published as of 7/18/2017.

  • Sensors connected to SmartThings will not report data to your Spruce web app account.
  • Battery levels for Gen 2 Sensors will report lower percentages in SmartThings due to voltage scaling differences with the new battery type in Gen 2.

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