Does Spruce Gen 2 connect to SmartThings?

The information in this article is up-to-date as of 6/13/17

Spruce Controller

The Gen 2 Spruce Controller will connect to SmartThings with firmware rev 2.4, which was pushed via an over-the-air (OTA) update to all devices connected to the Spruce Cloud. Controller shipped after 6/14 will include this firmware revision out of the box.

There are two components to SmartThings connectivity:

  • The controller itself:  The aforementioned OTA update allows the controller to connect as a Zigbee device.  This would require an update to the published device handler (similar to the situation – see below), which is in the SmartThings queue.
  • The web app: Connecting the Spruce Controller to SmartThings will limit connectivity to the web app.  When setup this way, the following applies:
    • The Gen2 controller can use any of the SmartThings integrations that apply to the Gen1 controller
    • Sensors that are connected to the SmartThings network (not to the Spruce Controller network) will not report data to the Spruce webapp.
      • The sensors might have greater range depending on the devices in your SmartThings network
    • Users that wish to use schedules with sensor integration must use the SmartThings Spruce Scheduler Smartapp, which is the same scheduler used for the Gen 1 controller.
      • Contact delays can be used through SmartThings
      • The SmartThings Spruce Scheduler SmartApp uses WeatherUnderground weather stations and can be assigned to a personal weather station
    • If the Gen 2 controller is concurrently connected to Wi-Fi:
      • Basic and Manual schedules can be set and run from the Spruce app
      • Zones can be turned on from either SmartThings or the Spruce app
    • An update to allow sensor and message data flow between SmartThings & the Spruce Cloud (which will enable the web app to be used to SmartThings-connected controllers) is planned for later in 2017.

Spruce Sensor

At this time the 2017 model Spruce Sensors are not adding properly to SmartThings. The new sensors use the same device handler as previous models in SmartThings, however the model number is different and the update has not yet been published through SmartThings that allows them to be identified and configured.  Once the updated device handler is published, Spruce Sensors will connect and communicate with SmartThings.

  • Sensors connected to SmartThings will not report data to your Spruce web app account.
  • Please note that the battery levels for Gen 2 Sensors will report lower percentages in SmartThings due to voltage scaling differences with the new battery type in Gen 2.

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