Hibernate Mode


What changes in Hibernate Mode

When Spruce is in Hibernate Mode, Spruce will not run any schedules (Connected, Basic, and Manual). Flow meter baselining is also disabled during hibernation.

Manual zone toggles via the app, physical buttons on the Spruce Controller, or any third-party integrations such as Alexa, Google Home, or SmartThings, are still allowed during hibernation.

Hibernation mode can be detected by looking at either the app or the controller. On the Spruce Controller, the LED indicator will breathe yellow-orange.  In the app, on the Control screen, the header color will change to yellow-orange, and will display a message at the top of the screen.

How to Activate Hibernation

There are two locations where Hibernation Mode can be toggled:

  1. The Controller Status Page
  2. The Controller Settings section of the Devices Page

In either location, tap the “Hibernate” button to access a screen with more options.

You may choose a specific date to automatically stop hibernating, or instruct Spruce to keep hibernating until a user toggles it “off” manually.

Note: When scheduling a turnoff date, schedules will resume on the date that you select. Whether the schedule actually runs on the turnoff date will depend on if it is a valid day for the schedule.

Controller firmware version 2.66 and App version 1.3.1 is required for Hibernate Mode.

How to Terminate Hibernation

You may terminate Hibernation early if desired. In either of the locations described above, find and tap the “Stop Hibernating” Button.

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