Join Gen 1 Sensor to Gen 2 Controller

  1. Prep the Spruce Sensor
    1. Remove the 2 screws from the sensor with a Phillips screwdriver and slide the top cover off.
      • The o-ring in the outer groove creates a waterproof seal for the Spruce Sensor. Be careful to not lose this o-ring.
      • Do not attempt to remove the bottom plastic plate.  It must remain permanently attached to the Sensor probe.
    2. Unpair the Sensor by holding down the Join/Leave button on the Sensor. The LED indicator will turn blue after a few seconds – release the button as soon as the LED turns on.  The LED should now be off.Spruce
  2. Start the join process through the Web App
    1. On the Devices page, click the “+” button and select Spruce Sensor
    2. Select the Gen 2 Controller to which you would like to join
  3. Controller should now be searching for devices and flashing red.
  4. Start the Join on the Gen 1 Spruce Sensor
    1. Press the Join button on the Spruce Sensor. The LED indicator should blink once when you do this.
    2. If the sensor doesn’t join, press the Join button again every 10 seconds until it does. This should not take more than 30 seconds.

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