July 9 – Network Status Update

Please contact Spruce Support Contact with any issues, concerns or questions

July 11 2018 11:00am PST – All services are restored.  Amazon Alexa connectivity is restored.

July 10 2018 2:00pm PST – Google Assistant and SmartThings connectivity are restored.  Amazon Alexa restoration is still in progress.

July 9 2018 10:00pm PST – App and device are at normal operation.  3rd party services (Google, Amazon, SmartThings) are still being restored.  The app server have been upgraded and migrated to a new host and can easily be scaled to accommodate increased traffic to mitigate future issues.

July 9 2018 9:30am PST – App and 3rd party services (Google, Amazon, SmartThings) are still being restored and may have a slow connection.  The app server has been migrated to a new host and is online, however we are still optimizing the connectivity for the app and 3rd party services.  During this time, the app may be slow to respond or show incorrect status.  The device servers are now working well and the data in and out to the devices is up to date.  This means controllers should receive the most up to date schedules and settings.  Please get in touch with any outstanding issues.

July 9 2018 11:30pm PST – Network connectivity has been restored.  We are continuing to optimize the updated servers and will be working through any remaining issues.  Device and app functionality should be normal, devices should reconnect to the network automatically.  Please get in touch with any outstanding issues.

July 8 2018 – Spruce is currently experiencing a network outage and we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  The outage effects the Android and Apple Apps, Web App, and device connectivity.  During this time the current online/offline and zone statuses will not be reflected correctly.

No action is required or should be taken.  The Spruce controllers will reconnect on there own and retrieve updated device settings if any changes were made during this time.  While disconnected, the controller will run in offline mode, and will start and stop water automatically, however the on and off status in the app may be inconsistent or inaccurate during this time as the connection is not reliable.  The Spruce controller controls the valves with an internal timer, so network connectivity does not effect turning the water off on time.

Removing the controller from the app or Wifi will not help.

During this time, it is recommended to use the buttons on the controller for watering.

We will update this page with any updates

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