Offline Runlist

The Spruce controller saves the most recent schedules to memory and will execute these saved schedules when it cannot reach the server.  These schedules will not use weather and sensor adjustments when offline but instead use previous values.

  • Offline Runlist– When displayed in the event log, this indicates the controller is connected to the server but did not get a response from the server when it requested an updated runlist.  It is instead going to run the most recent runlist that is saved to memory.  It will try again at the next scheduled run time.
  • Offline– When the controller is offline and not connected to WiFi or the server, no event messages will be displayed.  It will continue to run the schedules that are saved to the controller but will not be able to report to the event log as it is not connected and unable to send event log updates.

See WiFi: Resetting, Specs, Security for additional details about how the controller connects to WiFi.

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