Re-join Spruce Sensor to the Network

Follow the steps in this article to reset the sensor, if you are having trouble connecting Spruce Sensors to the network, or if the Spruce Sensor isn’t working properly.  Please perform these steps next to your Spruce Controller (within 5 feet or standing next to the Controller) to eliminate any range concerns.

Remove Spruce Sensor from the network

  1. Unpair the Sensor by holding the magnet to the magnet pad for ~5 seconds. The sensor will then beep 5 times – that means it’s unjoined.
    • The sensor will only beep 5 times if it is currently joined to a ZigBee network. The beeping 5 times is indicative of the removal process. If the sensor does not beep 5 times after holding the magnet to the magnet pad, the sensor is already unjoined.
    • The sensor will not remove itself from the web app. The presence of the sensor in your web app account will not prevent the sensor from joining the network.

Reconnect or Re-join Spruce Sensor to the network

  1. Navigate to the Devices page of the Spruce Web App.
  2. Click or tap the + button
  3. Select “Spruce Sensor” and follow the on-screen instructions.

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