SmartApp Schedule Not Starting

  1. Make sure your location is set in the SmartThings app:
    1. On the main page of the SmartThings app, go to the settings menu in the upper right corner designated by 3 bars
    2. Press the gear which will bring up settings and a map
    3. Select your location
    4. Save the settings
    5. This will allow the scheduling to initialize with the timezone
    6. Open Spruce Scheduler and save again
  2. Check that the weather zipcode or station id is valid with, normally delete the entry and allow it to populate automatically, not sure if this works correctly in Canada in all locations.
    1. Enter the station on the website to make sure an error on the page is not returned
  3. Make sure a “Master Controller” is not selected:
    1. In your Spruce Schedule, go to the “Vavle and Contact Delay” section
    2. Below “Controller Sync”, Enter the “Select Master Controller” selection screen
    3. un-select the controller
    4. Press Done to exit and save
    5. On the main Scheduler page, the summary should now read “Schedule Sync: None”
    6. This will take care of the wait when the schedule goes to execute.  The Master controller sync is intended for multiple controller setups.
  4. Set your start time as early as possible in the day.
    1. We are starting to run into user limits with the weather check service on the SmartThings platform.  We are testing a fix but have not released it yet. On some days the weather service check will fail after it has reached a maximum number of users, so starting your schedule early maximizes your chance that it will pass.

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