Setting up a Connected Schedule with a Sensor Delay


These instructions will step through the setup needed to create a schedule that waters only if our sensor reads below the specified set-point.  The schedule will also adjust the times based on seasonal weather.  Covered in these instructions:

  • Configure a zone
  • Assign a sensor to the zone
  • Setup a connected schedule

“Delay mode” schedules are useful for areas that dry out very quickly.  They work well for potted plants or loose soil.  You may setup multiple “Delay” schedules that will check the moisture level through out the day and water when low moisture is detected.

Configure a zone & Assign a Sensor

  1. Go to the “Device Setup”  page 6 Plus) (2)

  1. Select 1 of the zones listed under “ZONES”
  2. Name your zone, then select
    1. Nozzle
    2. Soil
    3. Landscape
    4. Sun
    5. Slope 6 Plus) (1)

  1. Select the sensor that is located in that zone
  2. Save

Setup a Connected schedule

  1. Go to the “Schedules” page 6 Plus)(3)

  1. Select + to add a new schedule, then “Connected” 6 Plus)

  1. Name your schedule
  2. Select:
    1. Allowed
    2. Days
    3. Time
    4. Save 6 Plus) (2)

  1. Select “Zone Settings”
    1. Select the zone that had the sensor assigned to it in “Device Setup”
    2. Turn ON “Sensor Feedback”
    3. Select “Delay”
    4. Enter a setpoint
    5. Adjust the “Depth of Watering” value if needed
    6. Save
    7. Disable or configure the remaining zones for this schedule 6 Plus) (3)

The Result

The zone configured in delay mode will water in this way:

Sensor feedback mode using DELAY means the zone will only water when the moisture sensor reads BELOW this value.  So if the sensor reports 25 and the setpoint is 30, the zone will water at the scheduled time.

  • Only days that are selected will water, other days are not eligible.  If all days are selected, then any or all of the days might water.
  • Delay mode is similar to a wired “Rain sensor”, water is allowed only when the moisture reading is below the moisture setpoint.
  • Delay mode will water “Depth of Watering” minutes each time
  • Delay mode will water a fixed time each time with the following exceptions:
    • Climate adjust- this will modify the watering time each day based on the local weather
    • Rain delay- if enabled, reported rain will be considered
    • Rain Sensor Delay- if enabled, the wired rain sensor will disable watering
  • Minimum and maximum watering time for the week is enforced
  • You may setup multiple schedules for the same zone with “Delay” mode

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