Weather Location and Settings

The Spruce Gen2 controller uses location to access weather forecasts and conditions to make changes to the schedule.  The weather report is provided through and is checked every time a schedule is initialized to ensure up to the date weather data.  Previously reported precipitation is also used to calculate required watering times.

Climate adjust and Rain delay: Both settings can be enabled or disabled in each schedule or zone to specify when climate adjustments or rain delays will take effect. Additional information available:

Setting location: Location is automatically detected during installation

Changing location:

  1. Go to the devices 6 Plus) (2)
  2. Select the controller name to access the settingsConfigure_Controller
  3. Go to Location
  4. Move the pin to the location where you would like the weather report to come from
    • Zoom out
    • Drag the pin to a new 6) (2)
  5. Save the new location

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