What to expect for Spruce Sensor History data

History for the Spruce Sensor is recorded in the “Recently” Tab in the SmartThings App.

Sensor History in Recently Tab
Sensor History in Recently Tab

By default, the Spruce Sensor will sample data every 10 minutes.  It will only record an event in the “Recently” tab when there is a change in data (moisture, temperature, or battery).

In general, moisture will only report a few times per day, and sometimes even less depending on conditions. This is because soil moisture is relatively constant, except when watered.


Moisture will increase rapidly when watered.  Soil will slowly dry out, and you will see a change in moisture several times per day.

The temperature should report values much more frequently as the temperature varies throughout the day – typically several times per hour.


Indoor soil moisture should generally decrease slower than outdoors.  Indoor temperature is generally very constant and you will only see a change every few hours.

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