Creating a Manual or Preset Schedule

To setup a manual schedule that will run two or more zones automatically, when manually triggered in the App go to the following:

  1. Spruce Menu
  2. Click “Schedule Setup”
  3. Click the white “+” that is in the Spruce Blue box
  4. Click “Manual” when given the option to select which type of schedule you want to setup
  5. Name your manual schedule in the “Schedule Name” section
  6. Add the total minutes you want the specific Zones to run in the “Duration” box
  7. The Zones that will not be included in this manual schedule please leave that duration box blank
  8. Select the number of Cycles you want that zone to run; if you choose “2” cycles then that zone’s total duration will be ran in two cycles.  For example, if Zone 2 has a duration of 15 minutes and 2 cycles and Zone 4 has a duration of 15 minutes and 1 cycle then Zone 2 will run for 7 minutes and 30 seconds, then Zone 4 will run for 15 minutes, then the schedule will go back to Zone 2  and it will run for 7 minutes and 30 seconds, completing the total duration of 15 minutes for Zone 2
  9. Do not delete any unused zone duration “Cycles” numbers; any blanks in this will cause your schedule to not be saved
  10. Select Save
  11. Select “Yes” when asked if you want to enable this schedule now
  12. Your manual schedule is now added and designated with an “M” to the left of the named schedule in the Schedules Menu

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