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Spruce Wifi (Gen2) 16 zone Irrigation Controller is EPA WaterSense® Certified!

Certification was officially recognized March 2018, while publication throughout various channels will take 1-3 months


Spruce qualifies for the EPA WaterSense® Rebate for weather-based irrigation controllers in many US regions.  Some regions also offer rebates for soil moisture sensors or flow meters.  Check the EPA WaterSense® Rebate Finder for rebates in your area that will help cover the cost of Spruce equipment.

Check with your local water district since not all rebates are listed on the EPA website.  Our own local district is not listed on the EPA website, but offers rebates at the Santa Clara Water District Irrigation Equipment Rebate page.

Spruce EPA WaterSense

What does EPA WaterSense® Certification mean?

Spruce is certified as a Weather-based irrigation controller and must meet the performance and feature specifications outlined by the EPA.  All irrigation controllers must meet the same standards to qualify for certification.  The irrigation controllers must also pass a 3rd party test procedure to ensure water times are within EPA specifications.

An outline of the requirements:

  • Independent 3rd party test over 30 consecutive days.  Spruce was tested at Fresno State in California
  • Controller must obtain or calculate Evapotranspiration, then using plant, nozzle and other settings, apply the proper amount of water over the course of the test
  • Controller must take into account rain precipitation
  • Controller water times must fall within limits set by EPA
  • Currently there is NOT a specification for soil moisture sensors, Spruce is certified under the weather-based controller specification.

The irrigation controller must not under water or over water over the 30 day test

See the EPA WaterSense® website for additional details and current specification.


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