Freeze Delay


Spruce can skip watering of a schedule if the to avoid watering in freezing conditions, which could damage pipes, or generate icy conditions on plants or walkways.


When a Basic or Connected schedule starts, Spruce will check the weather forecast. If the temperature will be below the Threshold Temperature at any time during the scheduled watering (plus 1 additional hour), the schedule will skip for the day. For example, if a schedule is set to start a 6AM and run for 2 hours, the temperature will be checked from 6AM to 9 AM. If instead, the example schedule was 3.5 hours long, the weather forecast would be checked from 6AM to 11AM.

Freeze Delay is a global controller setting; if it is enabled, it will enforce the freeze check for all Basic or Connected schedules without the need to enable the restriction in each individual schedule. Manual schedules, nor manual watering from the app or from the physical device, does not check for freezing temperature before running.

Enabling Freeze Delay

The settings for this feature are in the Devices page > click on your controller name. In the controller settings screen that appears, scroll to the bottom to find Freeze Delay.

The Threshold Temperature setting allows the user to set a custom temperature to skip watering.  This value is in Fahrenheit and can be a whole number between 20 and 60 degrees. The default is 35.

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