Rain Delay, Climate Adjust, Rain Sensor Delay


Weather adjustment settings are set per schedule, and are only available on basic and connected schedules.

App Setup

Basic Schedules

  • Weather adjustment settings apply to all zones in a basic schedule.
  • In the Schedules page, click on the basic schedule you wish to edit, then scroll to the bottom to find the weather adjustment settings.

Connected Schedules

  • Weather adjustment settings are configured independently for each zone (except for rain delay threshold value).
  • In the Schedules page, click on the connected schedule you wish to edit.
    • Rain Delay threshold value:  Scroll to the bottom and find the “Inches of Rain to Delay Watering” Option, and enter the desired value.
    • Enable rain delay or climate adjust: Click on the Zone Settings tab, then click on the zone you wish to edit.  The weather adjustment enable/disable settings are at the bottom of the list.



Rain Delay: The rain delay looks at:

  • the predicted precipitation for the current day
  • the reported rain from yesterday
  • the cumulative reported rain from the last 7 days with a depletion factor the further out in the past
  • Uses the rain delay value entered in setup

Spruce will skip watering for the day if any of the above surpasses the threshold. Spruce uses the darksky.net API – the location used is the latitude / longitude that is set for your controller on the Devices page.

Climate Adjust: Climate adjust will adjust your weekly base duration both up and down. You should set your base durations based on a ~70 degF day (early summer timeframe).

Rain Sensor Delay: Available when a wired rain sensor is attached and enabled.  Skips watering while the rain sensor is active.


Spruce didn’t skip watering when it rained

  • Check your threshold watering value vs the predicted or actual rain amount for the day in question. You may want to consider lowering your threshold value.
  • Check that the location for your Spruce Controller is set correctly.
    • Location is set in the Devices Page – click on your Spruce Controller.  In the menu that appears, switch to the Location tab.
    • Verify that the marker on the map is the correct location
    • The latitude and longitude values shown are used to determine your location when Spruce makes weather calls to darksky.net.

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