Advance a Schedule


Advance a Schedule

Anytime a schedule of any type is running, the current zone can be stopped and the schedule will advance to the next zone in the sequence.  This action can be executed repeatedly until the schedule has completed the entire schedule sequence.

If a zone is scheduled to cycle multiple times, only the current cycle will be cancelled.  So each time a new cycle is scheduled, the zone will turn on.

  • In the animation below, zones 7 and 8 are each scheduled to run 2x.
  • After zone 7 is turned off, then zone 8 starts.
  • After Zone 8 is turned off, the 2nd cycle of zone 7 starts.
  • Again zone 7 is turned off, and the 2nd cycle of zone 8 then begins.
  • After zone 8 is turned off, the schedule ends, since no other zones are scheduled.
Skipping a zone ahead in a schedule


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