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Newest release captures all previous feature updates except where noted

Weather Update 12/12/2022

Weather services for prediction, historical and evapotranspiration have been updated to use Apple WeatherKit. The previous service was acquired by Apple and has end-of-life in March 2023.

The weather services are similar but are not identical. There will likely be some differences in the weather forecasts in your area. The calculated evapotranspiration values are very close to each other and over time should provide similar results.

2.730 released 5/11/2020

Update addresses multi-hop range extender routes for increased sensor network stability. Also fixes Outlet control bug, where outlets are functioning correctly, but cannot be turned on/off from app. Fixes offline crash when system is restarted and wifi is not available.

  • Correct outlet control
  • Increase startup delay before wifi check
  • Increase max number Sensor/Outlet direct device connections
  • Enhanced range extender routing, add route discovery
  • Increase Route table size

2.710 released 8/19/2019

Correct sensor data error resulting in no data reported, for periods of time. Retrieve runlist from cache except at execution time.

  • Correct sensor data error
  • Add runlist cache endpoint
  • Update zone watchdog
  • Add mesh parameter update when network state unknown
  • Add run_status to report current schedule, zone and pause time remaining on device
  • Update flow meter auto shutoff over flow function

2.682 released 6/4/2019

Correct scheduling error check.  Update device status to correct inaccurate offline times.

  • add zonedelay time into watchdog
  • update post device to include model number
  •  update device status to correct inaccurate offline times
  • remove zone off notification during install wizard
  • update offline mode with post to server at reconnect

2.68 released 5/19/2019

Optimize to handle revised ET schedule format.  Update with improved offline schedule handling. Zone overtime watchdog.

  • update to revised ET schedule type
  • new schedule format with offline
  • add device model to new device join
  • correct flow base_id during logging
  • Zone overtime watchdog

2.67 released 3/9/2019

Optimize device handling and memory use for devices and schedules.  Improve outlet control.  Correct sensor temp readings.

  • Memory optimization for local device and schedule handling
  • Outlets will now turn off based on scheduled time after a controller restart
  • Outlets will update state using read attributes so app outlet on/off is up to date
  • Correct sensor temperature reading near and below freezing
  • Optimize startup and connection sequence, ensures verify step timing during initial device setup is likely to be in-sync.
  • Read Zigbee device model number during join process
  • Quicker startup sync with cloud settings

2.661 released 10/17/2018

Correct device join routine

2.66 released 10/15/2018

Add Hibernate mode, unsecure device rejoin policy changes

  • Hibernate mode for winter use, or to temporarily disable scheduled watering

2.65 released 9/22/2018

Add outlet control, sensor reconnect re-configure, Wifi variable, offline reconnect duration, incoming route handler.

  • Outlet control under devices allows Zigbee outlets to be turned on and off for a duration
  • Sensors will be reconfigured with reporting intervals if they leave and rejoin automatically
  • Wifi variable added so app can list access points and security type
  • During some Wifi reconnect instances the offline duration will be listed in the logs
  • Record incoming Zigbee device routes

2.64 released 8/10/2018

Fix “Offline Run Mode” bug when connection is lost, so the last know schedule is executed correctly.  Update startup initialization, WiFi re-connection and WiFi Reset.

  • offline run mode functionality updated, corrects issue where runlist did not run correctly when wifi was lost
  • WiFi disconnect and reconnect handling updated to correct hanging connection with some networks
  • Wifi signal strength updated 60secs
  • Reset watchdog enabled

2.63 released 7/4/2018

Add flow meter “live logging”.  This feature works with flow meters and permits watching flow in real time while turning zones on and off. Flow Meter Live Logging

2.60 released 6/22/2018

Add flow meter functionality, including flow baseline & calibration, flow check during watering and leak detection while zones off.  Updates zone on and off bug to correct incorrect run time.

  • flow meter functionality including baseline, leak detection, flow check
  • save and update local time at automatic reset when no connection is available

2.54 released 5/1/2018

Intermediate release for Gen1 sensor issue to correct join parameters for older sensors.

  • Gen1 sensor parameter update & correction
  • save and update local time at automatic reset when no connection is available
  • ZigBee 10 device leave, join and announce handling improvements

ZigBee Firmware 10 4/10/2018

Updates mesh network firmware message handling to be handled by primary processor.  Enables all future updates to be contained in a single update for System and Mesh firmware. Requires 2.52

2.52 released 4/1/2018

Major changes to mesh radio protocol for upcoming mesh update.  Also adds new functions to voice services, such as “turn all zones on for x minutes”, or “pause for x minutes”.  Sensor values are now filtered so repeat values are not reported, reducing database size and server bandwidth.

  • expand mesh radio communication protocol functions and syntax
  • calibrate valve current detect at startup
  • update pause, stop function
  • add run all zones functionality
  • filter repeat sensor reported values

2.5 released 9/12/2017

General bug corrections.

  • fix remove devices from table
  • fix schedule in que bug
  • clear memory added to factory reset
  • boot-up sequence changed to ensure time is synced before scheduling

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