How to Winterize Spruce


Spruce Controller

To disable scheduled watering, go to the Spruce App and turn on Hibernate Mode.

Some users will “blow out” their water lines in preparation for freezing temperatures. If this is needed for your system, an easy way to run through each zone is to use the “Run All Zones” feature from the Control screen of the app.

Spruce Sensors

When soil feedback is not being utilized, or for below-freezing areas, we recommend that you migrate your Spruce Sensors to an indoor area.

Spruce Sensors have been tested down to 32°F, but please keep in mind that the soil will be frozen at those temperatures, so any reported moisture readings will be invalid.

If you wish to ‘turn off’ the Spruce Sensors for the winter, you must remove the battery.  Simply remove the battery and keep it in a safe place for the next season.

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