Flow Meter Installation (Gen 2)



Flow Meter Requirements

The Spruce controller is compatible with 2-wire pulse flow meters.  These flow meters have 2 wires and produce a pulse at a frequency proportional to the gallons flowing through the meter.  The meter must be installed upstream of the sprinkler valves.  When water is flowing, the meter will provide a pulse to the Spruce controller which will be used to measure the current and total flow.

The Spruce controller must be configured to use a flow meter in the app.  If the flow meter is not enabled and calibrated in the app, the system will not use the meter to measure flow even if a sensor is attached.

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Flow Meter Mechanical Installation

Follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your flow meter.  A professional installation may be recommended by the manufacturer.

Installation will require:

  1. A location between the outdoor water back-flow preventer and the sprinkler valves that will be monitored
  2. Two(2) wires from the Spruce controller to the flow meter.  The wires may not be shared with other valves and must use a separate common wire.

Flow Meter Wire Installation

The 2 wires go to the S1 or S2 terminal and the C terminal below S2.  This is the only wiring configuration currently supported.  The wires may not be shared with other valves and must use a separate common wire.

The terminals S1,S2,C, and 24V grouped together on the right hand side are for sensor input and power only.  These terminals may not be used for valve common or power and can not be used for powering the unit.

  1. Connect the flow meter common wire to the C terminal on the right side of the Spruce controller.
  2. Connect the flow meter signal wire to the S1 or S2 terminal on the right side of the Spruce controller.

Installation Troubleshooting

Readings are sporadic or the flow meter turns on and off

If the meter is turning off and resetting, it would normally indicate a loose wire.  This should occur even if it is not flowing water.  Check to make sure that all wires are installed correctly, and securely.

Flow Meter App Setup

The flow meter must be configured and calibrated in the Spruce app for water use measurement and notifications.  Once calibrated, the water use for the valves downstream of the flow meter will use the measurements from the flow meter for water use.  High and low flow deviations can also be configured.  When flow deviates, the Spruce system can send a notification as well as turn off the valve.

Setting up the flow meter:

The flow meter must be installed per the manufacturer instructions and wired to the Spruce controller before proceeding.

  1. Go to “Add Device”
  2. Select “Flow Meter”
  3. Enable the flow meter port and select the Model of your flow meter.  Alternatively enter the offset and k value provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Start the baseline process Water must be on, this step will turn on the water to each zone!  Baseline may be run again at any time.
  5. The baseline will take up to 20 minutes as each valve is actuated and the water flow measured for approximately 30 seconds.  During this time, the system will measure water flow and record the flow.
  6. The baseline value is used to detect changes at the beginning of the water cycle.  This value is not necessarily the same as the stabilized flow.  This value is used at the beginning of the cycle to quickly check if the flow is within range, and is not used to calculate the actual flow.  The reported water use is based on the measurements taken throughout the entire time the water is on.

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