Available Platforms

Notifications will be sent to Android or iOS installations of the app.  You must allow the Spruce App on your phone or tablet to send notifications.

Notifications are not sent to the browser/web app.

Notification settings are set on a per-account basis, not on a per-device basis. A given notification will be sent to all eligible devices on which you are logged in.

Why are my notifications delayed / not sending at the right time?

  • You have enabled notification time restrictions in the Notification Settings section of the Spruce App
  • The Spruce App has been “Force Stopped” (Android).  This can be initiated in several ways:
    • Phone Settings -> Apps -> “Force Stop” button was pressed
    • Using a 3rd party task killer, such as Greenify
    • Swiping away your app from the recent apps on list on a Xiaomi device.
    • Battery Optimization routines that may have been automatically applied by your phone manufacturer
      • Huawei:
        • Step 1: settings –> advanced settings –> battery manager –> select the app to protect it.
        • Step 2: settings –> apps –> advanced –> ignore battery optimizations, select the app and ignore it.
        • Step 3: settings –> notification panel & status bar –> notification center, select the app, then activate “allow notifications” and also “priority display”.
      • Sony: Tap on the battery icon. Go to Power Management > STAMINA mode > Apps active in standby > Add your app.
      • Asus: Check your app in the Auto-start Manager.
      • Xiaomi: Security (App) > Permissions > Autostart – Enable your app
      • Redmi: Settings > Developer Options. Disable “memory optimization”. To enabled Developer Options go to Settings > About. Tap on MIUI 8 times. Full Instructions
      • Oppo: Settings > “Security settings” > “Data saving” and enable your app.
      • Samsung: Disable battery usage optimizations
      • OnePlus:  Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Application > Don’t Optimize

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