Manually Water


Manual water options

There are times where you may want to manually water one zone; perhaps your kids want to play in the sprinklers!  Or you can start a special schedule or water all your zones.

Water 1 Zone

In the Control screen, tap any zone tile and choose a preset time or set a custom time.  The zone will run for the set time.  No need to come back and turn it off.  Alternatively, turn it of at any time by tapping the same tile that started the water.

Water a zone

Run All Zones

The All Zones option is a quick way to water all the zones that are enabled on the system.  The option works just like starting any other zone, except instead of a zone tile, the All Zones button is used.

Manual Schedule Start

Manual schedules are set up independently of your normal schedules and can be started from the Manual Schedule button.  These schedules can alternatively be triggered from Samsung SmartThings.  See related articles:

Advance through a Schedule

If All Zones, a Manual schedule or any Other schedule is running, the schedule can be advanced to the next zone by turning off the zone that is currently on.

Multiple Zones

Spruce will allow multiple zones to be manually turned on but will not allow scheduling zones at the same time.


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