Spruce Gen2 + SmartThings Connect


Connecting Spruce to SmartThings offers some very powerful options!  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Pause and resume schedules with door and contact or motion sensors.
  • Utilize your existing SmartThings ZigBee network for increased Spruce Sensor range.
  • Utilize the SmartThings automations to trigger a specific zone only when soil moisture drops below a setpoint!

Connecting Spruce devices to SmartThings

  • The Spruce Gen2 Controller currently requires adding custom code to the Samsung SmartThings developer portal.
  • The Spruce Sensor does NOT require custom code and can be joined to the Samsung SmartThings hub¬†directly.

Adding Spruce Gen2 Controller to SmartThings

  • Code at Spruce-SmartThings
  • The process is a relatively simple copy and paste procedure, or pull into your own SmartThings account, additional instructions are in the link above

Spruce – SmartThings Integration Features

  • The Spruce Connect SmartApp will create the following device:
    • Spruce Controller
  • The Spruce Connect can relay Spruce Sensor data from SmartThings to the Spruce app.
  • The Spruce Controller device can turn on, pause, resume or turn off the device and zones.
  • The Spruce device can be used with standard SmartThings automations.

Spruce Connect

The Spruce Connect smartapp will create the connection to Spruce app and then create the Spruce Controller device in SmartThings.

If new zones are enabled or disabled in the Spruce app, the Spruce Connect SmartApp must be opened, and will then update the zones listed in SmartThings. This will re-create the Spruce Controller device, so any associated Automations will need to be re-configured.

  • Notifications – this will push notifications to the SmartThings app
  • Moisture Sensors – Select any sensors to send the data to the Spruce app
  • Contact or Motion Sensors – Select sensors that will trigger a pause event when a schedule is running. More advanced options can be accomplished by using the SmartThings automations.
  • Resume Delay – The delay (in seconds) from a contact closing (or motion ending) and the schedule re-starting

Spruce Controller

The Spruce Controller device appears similar to the screenshot below. Each of the functions described below is also accessible in the SmartThings Automations setup.

  • Controller State
    • On – Indicates a zone or schedule is on. Also when switched to on from SmartThings will tell the Spruce App to run all enabled zones for the time set on the slider.
    • Pause – When a schedule is running, this will tell the Spruce App to pause the schedule
    • Resume – When paused, this will resume the schedule
    • Off – This will turn off any schedule or zones that are watering
  • Controller Status
    • Current status or messages of the device
  • Rain Sensor
    • Displays if the rain sensor is wet or dry. If a rain sensor is not used, this will always display dry.
  • Valve Duration
    • The slider is used to set the duration for valves turned on from the SmartThings app and does not effect the Spruce app controls. This value is also used for the Controller State “On” mode which will run each zone for this set time.
  • Valves
    • Each Valve(zone) that is enabled in the Spruce App will be displayed as an individual zone


Version 2.0

  • Updated 7/2021
  • Update for SmartThings 2021

Version 1.2

  • Updated 6.20.2019
  • Convert temperature C to F before sending to Spruce app
  • Add time delay option to resume schedule after pause or contact ends

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