Spruce Sensor and Hubitat


This guide covers using the Spruce Sensors with Hubitat. Start with the Spruce Sensor Integration Guide for a general overview of Spruce Sensor integrations.

Spruce Sensor and Hubitat requirements

  • The Spruce Sensor connects through a Zigbee wireless connection directly to the Hubitat hub.
  • Importing the device driver is required to operate correctly.

Before connecting the Spruce Sensor to your Hubitat hub, follow the steps below to import the device driver.

Import the Spruce Sensor device driver

Import only the Spruce Sensor Driver using the URL listed below. The remaining drivers are only compatible with the Spruce Controller.

  1. Go to Drivers Code in your Hubitat account
  2. Add New Driver
  3. Import
  4. Copy and paste URL
  5. Save the Driver

Spruce Sensor Driver URL

Connect the Sensor

  1. Reset the sensors by holding the magnet to the sensor magnet pad until the sensor has indicated it is reset. See additional details at re-join-spruce-sensor-to-the-network/#gen3-spruce-sensor
  2. Go to your Hubitat hub on your PC, go to Devices and then Discover Devices, select Zigbee to start the search routine
  3. While close to the hub, tap the magnet to the Spruce Sensor to start the pair process
  4. Hubitat should identify the Spruce Sensor and give your the option to name the sensor
  5. If the sensor is not discovered after 1 minute, check the following:
    • Sensor Driver Code has been added to your account
    • Zigbee channel is NOT 26
    • Restart your Hubitat hub
    • Reset(step 1) the Spruce Sensor and retry the process

Occasionally the pairing finishes but is incomplete and either the humidity, temperature or battery does not report correctly. Retry the connection steps from the beginning.

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