Spruce Sensor and Home Assistant


This guide covers using the Spruce Sensors with Home Assistant. Start with the Spruce Sensor Integration Guide for a general overview of Spruce Sensor integrations.

Spruce Sensor and Home Assistant requirements

  • The Spruce Sensor requires a Zigbee wireless connection to work with the Home Assistant. Home Assistant has many options for adding a Zigbee bridge and complete instructions are at home-assistant.io/integrations/zha/
  • ZHA or ZIGBEE2MQTT device library with the Spruce Sensor driver

Connect the Sensor

Start the search from the Zigbee bridge before initiating the pairing process on the sensor

Home Assistant offers many options for adding Zigbee devices with several libraries. Refer to the specific documentation for your system to initiate the pairing process. Follow the steps below:

  1. Reset the sensors by holding the magnet to the sensor magnet pad until the sensor has indicated it is reset. See additional details at re-join-spruce-sensor-to-the-network/#gen3-spruce-sensor
  2. Start the Zigbee device search routine as described for your specific Zigbee implementation.
  3. While close to the Zigbee bridge, tap the magnet to the Spruce Sensor to start the pair process
  4. Home Assistant should identify the Spruce Sensor as model PS-SPRZMS-SLP3
  5. If the sensor is not discovered after 1 minute, check the following:
    • ZHA and ZIGBEE2MQTT includes the Sensor Driver Code and has been installed correctly
    • Zigbee channel is NOT 26
    • Reset(step 1) the Spruce Sensor and retry the process

After the pairing is complete, ensure the device is fully configured by initiating a reconfigure in Home Assistant, and then waking the sensor by tapping the magnet to the lid

Reconfigure the Sensor

The device should identify having Temperature, Humidity and Battery “clusters” as well as indicate “binding and reporting” for each. If any are not identified, it means the sensor missed the configuration commands and will not report the missing values. To correct the identification and reporting, use the following methods.

  • Bring the sensor close to the Zigbee bridge. With-in 10 feet or the same room is good.
  • Initiating a reconfigure in Home Assistant, and then wake up the sensor by tapping the magnet to the lid. The sensor should reconfigure.
  • You may also try completely removing the sensor from Home Assistant and then re-connecting the sensor. Pair close to the Zigbee bridge, then move the sensor to the final location.

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