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In order for a sensor to influence a schedule and affect watering, it must be assigned a threshold value. When a zone in a Connected Schedule is set to Sensor Mode, Spruce will only water when the measured soil moisture is below a specified threshold value.

The threshold value is also displayed on moisture graphs. If desired, you can set a threshold value as a reference or display line, without using the sensor as feedback to a schedule.

If you are unsure about what setpoint to use for your sensor Learn Mode may be helpful.

Turn on Learn Mode

Learn Mode can be turned on in 2 places.

Via Connected Schedule setup

  1. Navigate to the setup screen of the Connected Schedule of your choice.
  2. Select the zone that contains your sensor
  3. In the Mode setting, make sure Sensor Mode is selected
  4. The sensor threshold is set with the Watering Frequency setting. Select it, and a menu will appear from the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap the Try Learn Mode button.
  6. Tap Start Learning.

Via Sensor Setup

  1. Navigate to the Device Settings section of the app via the left menu.
  2. Expand the Spruce Sensors section.
  3. Tap on the sensor of interest.
  4. Tap Moisture Threshold.
  5. Tap the Try Learn Mode button.
  6. Tap Start Learning.

Watering while Learn Mode is active

When Learn Mode is active, if the zone is active in a Connected Schedule, Spruce will water that zone using the recommended ET settings (this is the WaterSense certified mode that waters based on weather feedback). If the zone is active in any basic schedules, it will water as normal based on the schedule settings. As well, you are able to water manually as you wish.

If you had a threshold value set up previously for this sensor, it will be ignored while Learn Mode is in progress.

Conditions for Learning

Learn mode will end after:

  • At least 10 days have passed
  • At least 4 watering events have occurred.
    • The watering events must be separated by at least 12 hours to count as discrete watering events.
    • Moisture must be reporting around the hours of the watering event.

If your sensor is reporting only sporadically (for example, due to range), learn mode may take longer to complete. As well, learn mode could take significantly longer than 10 days in the cold or rainy months, during which time watering events become very infrequent.

Learn mode may also be turned off at any time in the same place in the app where it was turned on.

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