Spruce Sensor Range


The Spruce Sensors’ range can vary a lot depending on walls, obstructions and other radio interference.  With multiple walls or depending on the composition of your exterior walls, range can be as little as 50 feet or with a clear line of sight over 150 feet. Routers and other electronic devices also emit interference that can drastically reduce signal strength or block the signal entirely.

Spruce Sensor Signal path with obstructions
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To optimize range:

  • Orient the sensor such that the Spruce logo on black probe such is facing directly towards the Spruce Controller or repeater device (note that the logo on the lid cannot be used for orientation since the lid can be installed in multiple orientations). 
  • Avoid placing the sensor behind obstructions, including walls, flower bed walls, or tree trunks. 
  • Avoid other electronic equipment in close proximity to the Spruce Controller or the Spruce Sensor
  • In general, look for a location with as few obstructions as possible.
  • Add Zigbee range extenders

Refer to the additional support article for additional information:

Assessing Range

The Spruce App Places page will display the last received decibel reading from the sensor and indicate if the range is borderline with an orange ! indicator next to the value.  In general, a decibel reading below -80 dB will cause intermittent reporting or loss of connection.  The general guideline for connection reliability is:

  • Reliable connection: -20 to -75dB
  • Intermittent connection: -76dB to -82dB
  • Lost connection: -83dB and lower
Spruce Sensor Weak Signal Strength

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