Can I use the Spruce Sensors alone?


Spruce Sensor Requirements

The Spruce Sensors require one of the following:

  • Spruce Controller
  • Samsung SmartThings hub
  • Hubitat Elevation hub

Spruce Sensor versions

All Spruce Sensors including Gen1 (Gray Cap with Black or Green probes) and Gen2 (Blue Cap) and Gen3 (Blue Twist-off cap) are equally compatible with the Spruce Controller (Gen2) or Samsung SmartThings Hub.

Can I use the Sensors without irrigation

Yes! The sensors can be paired to Samsung SmartThings or Hubitat Elevation to monitor indoor plants or your garden.

Samsung SmartThings

Hubitat Elevation

  • Find out more at
  • Monitor plants or setup automation rules with Hubitat
  • Use the Spruce-Connect to send sensor data from Hubitat to Spruce Cloud
  • Spruce-Connect Hubitat

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