Connected Schedule


The Connected Schedule uses zone settings to generate a recommended schedule with optimal water times and days.  The schedule can be further modified to better reflect your homes differing landscapes.  The connected schedule can also be used with Spruce moisture sensors to farther enhance the water adjustments.

Create a Connected Schedule

Setup each zone before creating a connected schedule in Zone Configuration

  1. Setup each zone before creating a connected schedule in Zone Configuration
  2. Optionally configure Zones with Sensors
  3. Add a Connected Schedule
  4. Select days and time as described in this article.  Selecting Allowed and all 7 days will allow the schedule to select the best days available.
  5. Zone times will be automatically generated but may be modified.  Climate adjust and Rain delay are enabled by default.  Changes to the Zone Configuration will not effect schedules that have already been created.  For water times to be generated based on the Zone Configuration, a new Connected schedule must be created.
  6. Save and Enable the schedule
  7. Expand the Schedule card to view the generated schedule

Set Days


  • This means the schedule will spread watering out between the available days but will not necessarily water on all of the days. The days that are watered will depend on how much water is required for the week based on climate adjust and sensor values, and the “depth of watering” value (which is set by each zone)


  • This means the schedule will always water on the selected days, except if rain delay is in effect, or if moisture sensor feedback is sufficiently above threshold.

Every x days

  • Watering will start on the first possible date (based on your start time), and that is the “anchor” date. From there, the scheduler will check the last date that your schedule ran, and will only run on the nth day from that last date.
    • If the schedule is set to  every 7 days, and it started on a Thursday, and hypothetically your power was out on the 7th day, the schedule would not run on the 8th day (the Friday), but rather, would skip until the Thursday that is next 7 days away.
    • To reset the day that is the “anchor” day: One way to “trick” the system is to change the schedule away from the every 7 days momentarily.  For example, you could change it to every 1 day, or select your days of the week and pick just Monday. Then, after the schedule runs, change it back to every 7 days, and whatever date it last ran will be the new “anchor” date for the 7 day interval.

Time Settings


  • Set the schedule to shift a few minutes each day and always start relative to sunrise or sunset.

Time Restriction

  • The time restriction setting is useful in jurisdictions that mandate that watering can only occur during specific times of the day. There are several settings which will affect the time that your system will water (for example, if the start time is relative to sunrise/sunset, climate adjust (which adjusts duration up or down with the time of year), sensor adjustments (which adjusts duration up or down depending on soil moisture)).  If your local jurisdiction requires that you can only water from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM, for example, the time restriction setting helps to ensure that your schedule stays within those hours, in case the aforementioned variables change your schedule in a way that would violate those restrictions.  Generally, if you don’t have such restrictions, and if you don’t have a personal preference for when watering starts and ends, you probably don’t need to turn on this setting.Set Time

Zone Settings

Base Duration

  • The target watering time per week.

Depth of Watering value

  • Spruce will attempt to water this duration every time it waters. The number of days/week is determined by the base duration divided by the Depth of Watering value. If the total watering needs change (either by user setting, or by climate adjust, meaning, as the seasons change), it will still water this amount, but for more or less days per week.

Zone settings


Sensor Modes


  • Adaptive changes the watering time based on values and adjusts the days that will be watered dynamically to fit within the days you have assigned. The moisture % is checked at the time the schedule starts and adjusts the total weekly duration up or down depending on the moisture. Since it’s weekly, the time changes are dampened a bit.
    • If days is set to Always, the watering duration for the day is calculated from the weekly duration divided by the number of days.
    • If days is set to Allowed, since the total time for the week changes, it could change the # of days per week watered (based on the “depth of watering” value). Also, if moisture % is below setpoint, it will always water on that day.


  • Waters on any available day when moisture is below the threshold value. The amount of time watered does not change based on the moisture level. In this mode, the sensor acts as a go/no-go signal.


  • In both modes, the moisture setpoint is the minimum value that the system will allow for.  In adaptive mode, the system will attempt to adjust times so that the moisture value is equal to the setpoint at the time of next watering. In delay mode, the system does not adjust times, but rather, triggers watering if moisture is observed below the setpoint value at the schedule start time.

Sensor Reporting Assessment

  • NOTE: If a sensor fails to report data for more than 3 days, it will be ignored in both Adaptive and Delay modes. In Adaptive mode, minimum adjustments (either + or -) will be applied when the most recent reading for a sensor is between 1.5 days and 3 days old.

Zone sensor setup

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