Zone Configuration

Zones are configured under device setup.  Each zone can be setup with specific settings to customize watering appropriate for the plants found in that zone.  The options selected will generate a recommended watering time and days when a connected schedule is created.

  • Zone Name – Name for the zone
  • Zone GPM – If flow rate is know, specify gallons per minute
  • Nozzle – the type of nozzle used to water, the description and precipitation rate is listed in the options
  • Soil – the type of soil in your area or in the landscape, the description is listed in the options
  • Landscape – the prevailing plant or landscape type, the description is listed in the options
  • Sun Exposure / Shade – the prevailing amount of sun in the zone
  • Slope – the prevailing slope of the zone
  • Sensor Assignment – Select the sensor located within the watering area of the zone


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