Zone not watering


If a zone is toggled on in the app, and the LED indicator on the front of the controller is blue, then the controller is delivering a signal to the zone wire to water.  If this is true, and there is no water flowing from your sprinkler heads, there is likely a problem with wiring.

If No Zones Turn On

  •  Check that the common wire is installed correctly. Try moving the common wire
    to a new terminal; normally the issue is the common wire is not fully
    inserted in the terminal.
  • If you have a master valve or pump, check that it is wired correctly, and
    turning on as expected.
  • Ensure that the water main is turned on.

If An Individual Zone Doesn’t Turn On

  • Check that the zone wire matches the specific zone; try swapping zone
    wires and see if the issue moves or changes.
  • Check the Spruce App event log for an overcurrent message. This would
    indicate a short or valve drawing too much current. This could also be a
    result of manually turning on too many valves at once.

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