How to use Multiple Spruce Controllers


How many Spruce controllers can the app support?

The Spruce app will allow multiple Spruce controllers to be added to the same account. Currently there is not a limit on the number of controllers that can be added, however for practical purposes, we recommend no more than 4.

Will the controllers coordinate with each other?

No, currently the controllers do not share or sync schedules. However, you may setup time windows for each controller, so that they never overlap schedules.

Can I share Spruce Sensors across different controllers?

Once a Sensor is added to the account, it can be used with any 1 zone in the account. So if the Sensor is added to Controller 1, it can instead be used for 1 zone on Controller 2.

How do I add Spruce Sensors when I have multiple controllers?

Spruce sensors can be added to which ever controller will provide the best signal. The sensors will be available for use with any zone on the account.

How do I hook up a master valve or pump relay when I have more than 1 controller?

Connecting a master valve or pump relay to multiple control units requires some additional hardware. In order to electrically isolate the systems, each system must have an Isolator between the controller and the shared valve or relay.

The diagram below shows how 2 controllers can share a master valve or pump relay using the 2 isolators.

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