Does Spruce require sensors?


Does the Spruce Irrigation system require sensors?

No. The Spruce Irrigation controller does not require sensors to operate or to save water.  Without the sensors, the Spruce Irrigation controller uses a water balance Evapotranspiration method of watering to maximize water savings.

Can I add Spruce Sensors later?

Yes!  You may add any number of sensors at any time.  Some watering zones can be scheduled with sensors while others do not use sensors.  Some water zones can even share a sensor.

How does the Spruce Controller work when no sensors are used?

The Spruce system is no longer EPA WaterSense® certified, but still uses the same advanced weather prediction and current weather conditions to adjust the watering schedule.  The adjustments take into account past and future rain, temperature, sunlight, and other meteorological conditions to increase or reduce watering each scheduled day.

How does the Spruce Controller work with sensors?

The sensors can be used in a delay or adaptive mode.  The delay mode uses a moisture threshold to allow or skip watering.  The adaptive mode uses the soil moisture value to adjust the scheduled watering to maintain the targeted soil moisture value.

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