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Resetting the Controller

The Spruce Gen 2 Controller can be reset by holding down both the left and right arrow buttons at the same time.

Put device back in listening mode to search for another WiFi network

  • Hold the left and right arrow keys for approximately 5 seconds. The logo indicator light will change to blinking dark blue.  This indicates the controller is in listening mode and can be configured through the app with a WiFi access point and password.  This does not clear the previous wifi credentials if they have already been entered but does allow entering additional credentials. The controller can hold the names and credentials of 5 WiFi networks simultaneously.

Factory Reset

  • All wifi credentials and all connections to external devices such as sensors will be lost.  The mesh network will also be destroyed, meaning sensors or other devices will need to be re-joined. Your account settings, including controller-specific settings, will persist if the controller is reconnected.
  • After the reset the controller will be in listening mode and ready to connect to the network.
  • Recommended Factory Reset Method: Use the Spruce WebApp
    • Go to the Controller Settings, instructions here: Spruce Controller Settings and Location
    • Select “Delete Controller”
    • 3 options will be presented:
      • Remove – Remove and perform a Factory Reset on the controller
      • Remove and Delete Data Now – Remove and perform a Factory Reset on the controller and also delete all data referenced to the controller
      • Cancel – Cancel and do not remove controller
  • Alternative Factory Reset Method: Hold the left and right arrow keys for approximately 20 seconds.
    • The logo indicator will rapidly flash dark blue.  This indicates the controller has been reset to factory defaults.
    • This method does not remove the controller from the Spruce WebApp

Modify wireless connection

Wifi access points can be added or cleared through the Spruce app. These options are located in the Controller Status screen of the app. The options are to forget all networks or to add a network.

  • Forget all networks – this will clear all wifi networks and put the device into listen mode. The device will require a wifi access point to resume operation.
  • Add network or edit credentials – this will put the device into listening mode so that a new wifi access point can be added. Alternatively, an existing network can be selected and a new password entered.

Listening mode and Re-establishing wireless connection

  • It is recommended to unplug and plug back in before pairing with a WiFi network.
  • Listening mode will start automatically when the controller is powered on and no wifi credentials are in memory
  • Listening mode will timeout after 5 minutes. Listening mode and can be reentered by holding down the left and right arrow keys for 5 seconds
  • If the WiFi connection is lost, the controller will attempt to reconnect for 30 seconds, then stop for 5 minutes, and then try again for 30 seconds.  This process will repeat indefinitely.
  • Spruce Gen 2 can retain up to 5 WiFi access points and passwords, and will reconnect to the network with the strongest signal strength at the time of connection (generally this is when the controller is rebooted)

Supported Security Types

  • Open: No security enabled on the WiFi netowork. Enter a space for password to use an open network.  This is not recommended.
  • WEP: One of the original wireless security protocols.  WEP is no longer considered secure because WEP can be easily hacked.  The WiFi Alliance retired it in 2004 and is not recommended for use.  However it has continued to be used and Spruce can connect to it.  WEP can be trickier to connect to due to reduced support from WIFI chip manufacturers.  See this article for notes on connecting to this type of network: WEP Guide
  • WPA:  The first generation to replace WEP. WPA2 is recommended over WPA.  Spruce can connect to WPA networks with your password as normal.
  • WPA2:  Currently the most secure connection type, and offered on most routers.  Often designated with +AES or PSK for added security.  Use WPA2 if possible. Spruce can connect to WPA2 networks with your password as normal.

Spruce does not support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to connect to a WiFi network.

Light Indicators

  • Breathing cyan: When a connection is established with correct credentials, the controller indicator light will breathe cyan (unless another controller function is active, then the indicator light may be another color)
  • Breathing cyan and red: When a connection is lost due to weak wireless signal or cloud service interruption, the indicator light will breathe alternating cyan and red
  • Refer to this article for a full list of light indicator codes.

Wireless Specifications

  • Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

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