How to Activate Multiple Zones

The Spruce Gen2 Controller allows turning on multiple zones simultaneously, if the setting is enabled.   See release notes below:

  • App version 1.2.6 is required
  • The “Allow Concurrent Zones” option under Device Settings->Controller Settings, must be enabled
  • Up to 3 zones may be turned on simultaneously
  • Multiple zones may only be activated when no schedules are running
    • Connected, Basic and Manual schedules as well as “Run All” are included as schedules and will not allow multiple zones
  • Concurrent zones are limited by the electrical current required to power the valves.
    • Total current or 3 valves is the limit
    • If the total current exceeds approximately 900mA, the last valve to be activated will be turned off automatically to avoid an overcurrent condition
    • A master valve, will draw current and may reduce the number of simultaneous zones
  • Turning on multiple valves typically affects water pressure and may reduce the coverage area of the valves that are turned on.
    • A sprinkler head that normally sprays 10 feet may only cover 8 feet when multiple zones are activated due to water pressure drop
    • Each home or system has different water pressure and flow requirements, sprinkler coverage will vary accordingly

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