Spruce Setup Overview

1 – Physical Installation

  1. Refer to the Spruce Quick Start card included with your controller
  2. Refer to or download the Spruce Controller PDF Guide
  3. If you have an existing irrigation controller, take a picture of the existing wiring to assist in wiring your new controller
  4. Install the Spruce controller with the 4 included screws.  If installing in drywall, mark the location of the 4 screw locations and use a 3/16 drill bit to first install the provided drywall inserts.
  5. Wire up your new controller referencing the Wiring 101 support article

3 – Download the App

  1. Download the Spruce Irrigation app from Google Play or Apple iTunes App Store or login to app.spruceirrigation.com

3 – Wireless Setup

Check your spam an junk mail folder for your confirmation email.  Mark the message not spam so future messages are not lost.

  1. Create an account and confirm your account with the confirmation email, then login to the app or app.spruceirrigation.com
  2. The Spruce Web App will begin the Spruce controller add procedure, follow the prompts to step through the setup.  If you have exited the setup routine, go to the Devices menu and tap the + to begin Adding a Device to your Account.
  3. Additional support is found in the Wifi: Resetting, Specs, Security
  4. During setup, select the valve zones and sensors that are wired to the controller, then confirm the location has been detected correctly.  See Spruce Controller Settings and Location for additional details
  5. The controller is now ready for use, to test a zone follow the setup prompt or see the Manual Water article

4 – Sensor Setup

  1. These steps are optional and only required for Spruce Sensors
  2. Add your Spruce Sensors to the Spruce controller by following the steps in the Quick Start guide or Adding a Device to your Account.

5 – Zone Setup

  1. All zones should be configured before moving on to schedule setup.  This will allow the Connected Schedule to generate a water efficient schedule.
  2. Follow Zone Configuration to configure the landscape and sprinkler type for each zone in the Devices page.
  3. If you have added Spruce Sensors to your Controller assign the sensors to the matching zone following the Zone and Sensor Assignment

6 – Schedule Setup

  1. Three Schedule Types are available
  2. The Connected Schedule will generate a recommended watering schedule for all available zones using the parameters entered.
  3. Water times within the Connected Schedule can be adjusted Globally or individually and a Green or Red leaf will indicate if the watering time is within the recommended range.

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